Friday, October 1, 2010

Baby Steps

"He got the action, he got the motion, Oh Yeah the boy can play..." - Dire Straits

Time flies… I’ve been meaning to post a few videos of the kids as they experience new things.  The girls “kind of” understand they are experiencing a new country/culture/place.  Talon has no idea, but he is learning new things everyday.  Right as we moved here, he was learning how to stand, pull himself up, and then walk.  It is amazing how fast he has been learning.  These videos were taken around a month ago and already they seem old because he can walk so much better now.  They really don’t need much explaining.  So, here goes…



  1. YES, Entertainment for my girls! I'm sure we'll watch these a billion times! And oh my look at those big girl beds!

  2. I thought the video of the three of them walking was so cute! (my kids liked watching all of the videos too, Tucker kept asking to watch the baby again! Also, if I remember right, the girls are just around a month younger than Tucker, but obviously a lot smarter, Tucker doesn't know any letter sounds or even a concept of what letters are in his name! Anyway, very cute!

  3. So cute, I can't believe he's walking! Have you been gone that long?? I'm glad we can stay updated. We miss you guys!

    Jared and Caitlin

  4. Your kids are getting so big, and they are so cute. Taylor was talking about your girls the other day. She misses them and we miss you all too. Hope you are all doing well. Keep in touch!

    Cassie and Brett

  5. Your videos are so cute! I always knew you would have cute kids! They are so smart! It looks like you guys are awesome parents :)