Sunday, March 6, 2011

Birthday Excitement!

“Youth is like diamonds in the sun, and diamonds are forever…

… so many dreams are swinging out of the blue, we let them come true” – Alphaville

There is not much that can compare to the excitement of birthdays for twin girls about to turn 3 years old. Abigail and Saylor have been excited for their birthday since… well, since their birthday last year. They have been excited at every single birthday for the last year. Partly for the person whose birthday it was, but mostly just for birthdays in general and because it meant they were one day closer to their own.

At the end of January their birthday finally came… and Yvonne and I were not even in town. Fortunately, even though they have been excited for quite some time and know what a birthday means (presents, cake, candles, songs, etc), they still don’t really have a good understanding of dates and calendars. So, we got away with some selective truths and were able to celebrate their birthday only a couple of days late after we got back from our trip to Jordan/Israel.

I think one of the best presents the girls got was to be able to celebrate with Grandma & Grandpa Anderson. They don’t really realize that they were able to see the tallest building in the world or visit the largest mall in the world on their birthday, but they did know that Grandma & Grandpa came a long way to be there. Plus, they got to make their own birthday cakes!

Here are a few pics of their big day.

20110131[IMG_1756] - Twins_3rd_B-Day20110131[IMG_1764] - Twins_3rd_B-Day20110131[IMG_1771] - Twins_3rd_B-Day20110131[IMG_1778] - Twins_3rd_B-Day20110131[IMG_1785] - Twins_3rd_B-Day20110131[IMG_1796] - Twins_3rd_B-Day20110131[IMG_1801] - Twins_3rd_B-Day20110131[IMG_1816] - Twins_3rd_B-Day20110131[IMG_1825] - Twins_3rd_B-Day20110131[IMG_1827] - Twins_3rd_B-Day20110131[IMG_1829] - Twins_3rd_B-Day20110131[IMG_1842] - Twins_3rd_B-Day20110131[IMG_1845] - Twins_3rd_B-Day20110131[IMG_1850] - Twins_3rd_B-Day20110131[IMG_1854] - Twins_3rd_B-Day

Here a short video clip of some sweet birthday dancing…. if you can call it that ;)

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