Sunday, April 3, 2011

Birds of Prey

“Fly like an eagle, Let my spirit carry me
I want to fly like an eagle, Till I'm free” – Steve Miller Band

We took the kids and went with some friends to see a show/demonstration about “Birds of Prey.” It was a little bit like those informational/educational assemblies you may remember from Jr. High… only if those assemblies were more cool, a bit dangerous, led by a long-haired guy with a crazy accent and grammar, and totally unafraid of any liability issues.  In other words, it wouldn’t happen in the US. 
It was fascinating to see, pet, and hold some pretty impressive birds… at the same time, we were never quite sure how tame they were and if they would decide to carry off one of our kids for lunch.  These photos aren’t that great, but we had fun.
20110324 [P1010989] - Birds of Prey20110324 [P1010990] - Birds of Prey20110324 [P1010992] - Birds of Prey20110324 [P1010995] - Birds of Prey20110324 [P1010996] - Birds of Prey20110324 [P1020006] - Birds of Prey20110324 [P1020009] - Birds of Prey20110324 [P1020011] - Birds of Prey


  1. Did you know there's a center for birds of prey in the Boise area? The next time you come to Idaho you should take the kids... but wait, it would be totally boring after this.

  2. These were wonderful pictures! Congratulations on such a beautiful family and Holy Land experience! ~ Annalee Wolford Kelly

  3. Thanks, Matt, for osting more adventures. I do think I will stay in our safe little spot in the world though. Saw and talked with your mom and dad at their mission report. Glad they could stop and visit with you guys before heading home. By the way, our son Joseph is on a mission in a safe place - the Michigan Lansing Mission. He loves it, he in a little town like Rexburg, snow, small community college, etc. Stay safe, prayers are with you. LuAnn

  4. Wow! Those birds are beautiful. They sure don't have the same restrictions about touching the animals there, do they? That is cool!