Sunday, December 11, 2011

'Tis the Season

"Cause you make it feel like Christmas
Even when things go wrong" - Neil Diamond

Sometimes kids experience a level of excitement that is almost uncontainable.   The energy inside them can not stay inside any longer and spontaneously erupts in squeals of delight, fits of excited jumping, super-fast talking, or just running around as fast as possible.  Recently, we let the kids "help us" set up the Christmas tree and do a little decorating.  Let's just say that excitement was in the air.... so thick you could almost breath it.

It is nice they were having so much fun, because two 3 year old girls and a 2 year old boy "helping" with all the Christmas decorations can be a lot more work than normal.  In the end, we had to split the excitement into two days because of all the fun we were having.  ...sometimes that much fun requires a break for things to calm down a bit ;)

A few pics of the excitement:

Kids bring a whole new perspective to Christmas.  I get a kick out of the funny things they say as their understanding about this holiday grows.  They are still figuring out how things work and separating the true meaning of Christmas with all the commercial fantasies.  I wouldn't be surprised if they imagined the Christ-child born in a manger, surrounded by shepherds, wise men, the grinch, frosty, and elves.  It is fun to see it through their eyes.

If you've never seen any of the "Kid History" videos before, this is a good place to start.  These guys take a look a the their traditional family Christmas memories as explained by the kids... but acted out by the adults. Hilarious!

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  1. Christmas is so much fun with the kiddos. Is that the biggest tree you guys have ever had? A little different than lights on a plant:) Looks like you had a blast decorating. Fun!