Monday, March 18, 2013

Wadi Showka

"Put a little gravel in my travel
Unwind, unravel all night long" - Rodney Atkins

We headed up to the mountains a couple weekends ago to get a little escape from the Emerald City. Wadi Showka was the destination. It was fun to get out with some good friends. The kids loved exploring and climbing all over the rocky mountainside. We sang songs with the ukulele around the campfire. We chased lizards, centipedes, spiders, and other creatures. We watched the moon rise over the mountains in a beautiful star-filled sky. We roasted food over open flames (why does normally mediocre food taste so much better when camping?). We listened to uncontrollable laughter as kids bounced around recklessly without seat-belts in the overstuffed backseat of a Land Rover driving up a rocky dry riverbed. We were invigorated as we jumped off the cliffside into cold, fresh water pools. We had fun.




  1. Awesome. Love that cliff diving shot.

  2. Wow, what an adventure with huge bugs and crazy fun! That is an awesome diving photo. You are a great photographer Matt!

  3. I've seen this place on globe trekkers... pretty awesome!! I love how your kids seems so used to camping out in the wilds of the middle east. Did it get cold at night? Rigg is so chill... awesome post

  4. Nice photos. I know this post is 2 years old, but I wonder if the sedan (saloon car) had any difficulty getting to the locale. I'm heading there next weekend with my non 4x4 and some friends. Any tips or GPS coordinates for where you camped?