Sunday, September 19, 2010

Soak it Up

“It's not having what you want, It's wanting what you've got” - Sheryl Crow

Yvonne is telling me that you blog readers want more pics and less yakety-yak.  Well, she is usually right (unless I am ;), and I have been guilty of being a little long-winded sometimes.
So..... here are a few pics of the kids in the pool.



  1. It's fun to read your posts and to see pictures. You look great and the kids are all growing so fast. Thanks for keeping us up to date. So many of the things you are going through remind us of some of our adjustments when we got here to Prague. It's a great experience and we've learned alot. We've seen so many miracles. It's been great.
    We love you like crazy.
    mom and dad (in the Czech Prague Mission)

  2. Glad you added the plane over head picture, gave me a chuckle.
    Wow so much for Yvonne to adjust to with the kids and such. She's a strong one.
    Albeit a small pool, I bet your just glad to have one, being used to all that lovely water in Hawaii.
    I want to see more pictures of your little man. The girls are growing up so cute.
    And wow your parents are serving in Prague, how nice is that!
    Hope you get a bed soon, it makes a big difference if you get a good night's sleep.
    Sharole :)