Sunday, October 2, 2011

New Views

"You give us those nice bright colors, You give us the greens of summers
Makes you think all the world's a sunny day, oh yeah!" - Simon & Garfunkel

Blogger has just introduced a bunch of new views.  They can be a fun way to visualize all the posts in a blog.  You can also use the new views to just look at all the photos on a blog.  This can be handy if a blogger writes too much and all you want to do is look at the pics.  So, if you just want to see the photos from this blog, you can check out the new view by clicking the photo below.

You can see that there are several other views available.  Feel free to experiment and choose a view that you like.

Note:  You can view any blogger/blogspot blog using these views by simply adding "/view" to the end of the blog URL. It can be helpful if you are trying to find information on a blog, but are not sure of the date/title/etc of the post.  Currently, it will only work with public blogs.  I'm pretty sure they are just using the RSS feed of the blog to create the dynamic views.  Private blogs do not have an RSS feed, therefore, the views are not available.


  1. Are you saying I write too much?

  2. No Karen, I'm saying some people may think that I write too much (cough yoursis cough) and with the new views those people can enjoy the photos without the need to read my ramblings ;)