Monday, June 4, 2012

Quiz Time

"I'm an Alien, I'm a legal Alien" - Sting

It has been almost two years since we moved from Hawaii and ended up over here in the UAE.  Yvonne and I were just discussing how when we first arrived, almost everything seemed very foreign... and it was.  Now, although there are plenty of things that are strange, different, or we haven't experienced yet, we no longer notice all of the things that were so foreign when we first got here.  The strangeness has become part of our daily lives and is no longer strange.

For example, we used to get a kick out of signs like this one. It is on every entrance to the mall near where we live.  Now, we don't even notice it anymore.

Quiz time:  What on this sign is strange compared to what you might see on a sign outside a mall in the US?


  1. haha- no kissing? That is CRAZY! I think you will probably have a culture shock when you do come back- this is great!

  2. I just did a little peak back over the years of your Hawaii to Dubai move. My Saudi/Hawaii move to Provo has kept me busy over that time period so I've not noticed your blog before. But I love it! I have been missing Dubai lately so this has been fun. A post about playing with Lions on Facebook led me here.

    I love this post because it is so true of every time I move to a new place. The strangeness wears off and I miss that hypersensitive observation period that makes you snap a photo to collect samples of the strangeness. It took me a while to let the strangeness of Provo wear off because I kept my Hawaii roots fairly in tact over the last two years. They still are... I'm an endless commuter. But now I am a citizen of Provo that is missing Dubai.