Thursday, June 28, 2012

Got Milk?

"I love you
I am the milkman of human kindness
I will leave an extra pint" - Billy Bragg

Sooner or later I had to write about the milk here in the UAE.  Here are a few observations:

  • It is sold by the liter instead of the gallon
  • There is long-life milk in a box and fresh milk in a plastic bottle/carton
  • Milk prices are somehow subsidized or regulated because fresh milk costs the same everywhere regardless of brand, fat level, or store.  The equivalent of a gallon is 17.50 dirhams everywhere.  That is just a little less than $5/gallon in US dollars
  • Milk never goes on 'sale'
  • You may have noticed above that I said Fat Level.  They don't categorize the milk here as whole, 2%, 1%, etc.  Instead, it is Full-Fat (or cream), Half Fat/Cream, and Low Cream.  
  • There are a lot of dairy companies... although I haven't really noticed a difference and, as mentioned above, they all cost the same.
The long-life boxed milk costs about 25% less than the fresh milk and you can store it for weeks.  Our kids will drink it, but although at one point on my mission I could guzzle it from the box, I strongly prefer 'real' milk.  

Here's a few photos of the milk sections at the local supermarket and the milk we bought last week.  Yvonne's not really a milk drinker, so we go for the full-fat variety.  It sounds unhealthy, but tastes great. 


  1. We need to have a conversation about milk. There is sometimes a difference between the boxed brands. Some of it is yellow, milk-like sludge. Also, sometimes the ingredients of the same brand can change. We used to buy Al Marai but then they switched over to milk powder base. So now we buy Nada, which is not powdered. Except when they don't have Nada. Then we buy something else. Anyway, Jeremy tends to be a milk snob but I'm like Yvonne and don't drink it much. Maybe we don't need to have that conversation anymore!

  2. Lately I've realized I LOVE milk... I went through my "water is better for me" stage probably since my mission when I was made slightly lactose intolerant because of those dang boxed milks. Then I rediscovered vitamin D milk... probably half cream or low cream in Dubai? Anyway, Wayne hates creamy stuff so last time I was at Jon and Melissa's I drank as much as I could. Glass...after glass... after glass... I'm sorry that milk is so expensive! I would sent you some if I could. We missed you guys at the get together... Made any fun plans for your hot summer?

  3. that one picture looks like a bottle of bleach.